Vol. 8(2) August 2014 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
Tools for Participation: Intergenerational Technology Design for the Home
Sonja Pedell , Frank Vetere , Steve Howard , Tim Miller , Leon Sterling
Investigating the Unexplored Possibilities of Digital–Physical Toolkits in Lay Design
Guido Hermans
Understanding Design for Dynamic and Diverse Use Situations
Mieke van der Bijl - Brouwer , Mascha van der Voort
The Boundaries of Public Space: A Case Study of Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway
Tianjiao Zhao , Kin Wai Michael Siu
The Emotional Characteristics of White for Applications of Product Color Design
Nooree Na , Hyeon-Jeong Suk
Design Case Studies
Designing to Bring the Field to the Showroom through Open-ended Provocation
Janet Kelly , Stephan Wensveen
Empathy or Inclusion: A Dialogical Approach to Socially Responsible Design
Carla Cipolla , Roberto Bartholo
Exploring ‘Immaterials’: Mediating Design’s Invisible Materials
Timo Arnall
Changing your Hammer: The Implications of Paradigmatic Innovation for Design Practice
Paul Gardien , Tom Djajadiningrat , Caroline Hummels , Aarnout Brombacher