International Journal of Design
ISSN: 1994-036X (online); 1991-3761 (print)

Vol. 9(1) April 2015 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
Types of Embodiment in Design: The Embodied Foundations of Meaning and Affect in Product Design
Thomas Van Rompay , Geke Ludden
The Design of Smart Product-Service Systems (PSSs): An Exploration of Design Characteristics
Ana Valencia , Ruth Mugge , Jan Schoormans , Hendrik Schifferstein
Under Cover and Close at Hand: Embodied Metaphor in Packaging Design
Manon Te Vaarwerk , Thomas Van Rompay , Vanessa Okken
Effects of Visual Expectation on Perceived Tactile Perception: An Evaluation Method of Surface Texture with Expectation Effect
Hideyoshi Yanagisawa , Kenji Takatsuji
Fashion Thinking: Fashion Practices and Sustainable Interaction Design
Yue Pan , David Roedl , Eli Blevis , John Thomas
The Aesthetic Appeal of Prosthetic Limbs and the Uncanny Valley: The Role of Personal Characteristics in Attraction
Stefania Sansoni , Andrew Wodehouse , Angus K. McFadyen , Arjan Buis
Viewer Knowledge: Application of Exposure-based Layperson Knowledge in Genre-specific Animation Production
Valentijn Visch , Ed Tan , Daniel Saakes
Effect of Visual Quality and Animation of Concept Representations on Users’ Responses to Early Design Concepts: A Study on the Adaptive Patient Room Concept
Derya Ozcelik Buskermolen , Jacques Terken , Berry Eggen , Evert van Loenen
Design Case Studies
Designing for Social Interaction in Open-Ended Play Environments
Linda de Valk , Tilde Bekker , Berry Eggen
Design Accountability: When Design Research Entangles Theory and Practice
Ilpo Koskinen , Peter Gall Krogh