International Journal of Design
ISSN: 1994-036X (online); 1991-3761 (print)

Vol. 12(1) April 2018 | Table of Contents
Designing for Systems of Smart Things
Mathias Funk , Berry Eggen , Jane Hsu
Special Issue on Designing for Systems of Smart Things
Is Smart Home a Necessity or a Fantasy for the Mainstream User? A Study on Users’ Expectations of Smart Household Appliances
Aykut Coskun , Gül Kaner , İdil Bostan
Designing IoT Systems that Support Reflective Thinking: A Relational Approach
Maliheh Ghajargar , Mikael Wiberg , Erik Stolterman
Framing Smart Consumer Technology: Mediation, Materiality, and Material for Design
Sumit Pandey
Addressing the Need to Capture Scenarios, Intentions and Preferences: Interactive Intentional Programming in the Smart Home
Mathias Funk , Lin-Lin Chen , Shao-Wen Yang , Yen-Kuang Chen
The Antecedents of Successful IoT Service and System Design: Cases from the Manufacturing Industry
Deniz Sayar , Özlem Er