International Journal of Design
ISSN: 1994-036X (online); 1991-3761 (print)

Vol. 17(1) April 2023 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
The Story of Beau: Exploring the Potential of Generative Diaries in Shaping Social Perceptions of Robots
Hyungjun Cho , Tek-Jin Nam
Mapping Design Capability of Governments: A Tool for Government Employees’ Collective Reflection
Yvonne Yeo , Jung-Joo Lee , Ching-Chiuan Yen
Technology Cards: A Design Game for Navigating in a Future of Digital Technologies
Sidsel Katrine Nymark Ernstsen , Christian Thuesen , Christian Holmegaard Mossing , Stig Brinck , Anja Maier
deformTable: A Design Inquiry and Long-Term Field Study into Creative and Contingent Appropriations of a Shape-Changing Artifact
Ce Zhong , Ron Wakkary , Amy Yo Sue Chen , Doenja Oogjes
Unremarkable Augmentation in Busy Practitioners’ Surrounding: Exploring Peripheral Interaction with Teachers and Nurses
Pengcheng An , Saskia Bakker , Miguel Cabral Guerra , Jesper van Bentum , Berry Eggen
Design Case Studies
Designing to Restory the Past: Storytelling for Empowerment through a Digital Archive
Hanna Nordin , Teresa Almeida , Mikael Wiberg