Vol. 11(1) April 2017 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
Adaptation Profiles in First-Time Robot Users: Towards Understanding Adaptation Patterns and Their Implications for Design
Juan Giusepe Montalván Lume , Heesun Shin , Francisco Cuéllar Córdova , Kunpyo Lee
Instruments of Inquiry: Understanding the Nature and Role of Tools in Design
Peter Dalsgaard
Auditory and Visual Contributions to Affective Product Quality
Elif Özcan , Gerald C. Cupchik , Hendrik N. J. Schifferstein
Design Case Studies
Coordinating Community Cooperation: Integrating Timebanks and Nonprofit Volunteering by Design
John M. Carroll , Patrick C. Shih , Kyungsk Han , Jess Kropczynski
From Smells to Stories: The Design and Evaluation of The Smell Memory Kit
Susana Cámara Leret , Valentijn Visch
Products with A Sense of Humor: Case Study of Humorous Products with Giggle Popper
Yeonsu Yu , Tek-Jin Nam