Combining 2D and 3D Design for Novel Packaging for Older People
Yada Chavalkul, Andrew Saxon, Robert N. Jerrard


There has been little research conducted into packaging design recommendations aimed at helping older people understand how to open novel packaging. When developing novel packaging, designers may use their own judgment to provide indications for package opening. Despite this, age-related decline brings about further design needs. Therefore, packaging created by designers may not, at present, be fully appropriate for older people. The study used a participatory methodology which provided rich insights into the process of interaction with novel packaging. Detailed experiential data was collected during participant engagement in opening a range of packaging samples. A combination of qualitative and quantitative data from focus groups further informed the study. Specific relationships between 2D and 3D indications, which appear not to have been previously considered, were examined through semi-structured face to face interviews. The study produced new insights into the use of combined 2D and 3D indications by older people when opening packaging.

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